Areas of Expertise

Health economics and fiscal policies

Health Economics and Fiscal Policies for Health

We conduct economic modelling and analysis for current and future health interventions. Our analyses emphasise value for money, social equity, and environmental sustainability. In particular, we focus on communicable diseases, reproductive health, non-communicable diseases and access to medicines.

We also specialise in health taxes. Health taxes are strategic fiscal tools that can generate revenue and promote health. Specifically, when properly designed, health taxes can significantly reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases, benefit vulnerable populations, and boost economic development.



Future Societies

Globalisation has spurred complex national and planetary challenges: migration, rapidly changing population age structures, transforming morbidity patterns, rapid urbanisation, environmental degradation, climate change and social inequalities. In order to meet these challenges, it is necessary to promote and implement robust public policies that consider health service and workforce needs, fiscal space, social security and pension programmes, strengthening public institutions, and human welfare.

To prepare for a just and sustainable future, UHF uses systems and design thinking to strengthen public policy. We invest in global implementation research to effectively respond to changes that impact health care, social security, labour, the environment, and economies.

future societies
health legislation and regulation

Health Regulation and Legislation

Regulatory systems for medicines and health technologies differ significantly worldwide. This discrepancy creates barriers to universal health coverage and prevents vulnerable populations from accessing high quality healthcare and medicines. UHF works to strengthen national and global capacity to respond to this challenge.

We focus on design, implementation and evaluation of regulatory and fiscal interventions, with expertise in tobacco control, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity and non-communicable diseases. We support policies that advocate for healthy approaches to food manufacturing and marketing and promote physical and mental health.



 Digital Health Solutions

The use of information and communication technologies is a rapidly expanding area in global health. During a time when all health systems face economic challenges and greater demands to provide expanded quality care to vulnerable populations, these technologies are serving an increasingly important role in supporting public health and healthcare services.

UHF focuses on the sub-industries of biopharma – such as vaccines and medicines – and other medical technologies. We have experience using information technology to improve health outcomes as well as implementing mHealth and eHealth interventions. We also have demonstrated knowledge of the built environment, including design, architecture and algorithmics, and engineering.

Digital health solutions