Sustainable Organisational Strategy

As the world changes, values change too. Organisations must welcome innovative approaches to development that embrace values such as sustainability and inclusivity. UHF collaborates with corporate and non-profits organisations to reorient their internal strategy to promote values that support the health of the people and the planet.

Using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we apply strategic options to development and analysis and optimise organizational values and activities to achieve these objectives. UHF is positioned as a constructive force to lead these organisational changes.

When enhancing strategic analysis, we embrace the use of both qualitative and quantitative research. A qualitative lens helps deepen understanding around the company’s vision and helps create a framework that enables systems thinking. On the other hand, a complex quantitative approach allows for an optimisation model which represents the value function in a set of key performance indicators. This value function then helps achieve the strategic goals of the company and leads to an informed understanding among stakeholders.