Dedicated to a sustainable future for the people and the planet


UHF is a global health think tank that develops impact-oriented solutions for public health needs.


We design and implement strategic global health initiatives that promote sustainability and equity.


UHF is on the forefront of global health strategy. We offer creative solutions to address complex challenges.

About United Health Futures

UHF is a global platform responding to complex planetary health and societal challenges. We are a world-class team of development, economics, and health experts with extensive scientific, policy, strategy, technology and implementation expertise.

UHF Intro

What We Do

UHF designs and implements strategic global health initiatives that promote sustainability and equity.

Think Tank

We serve as a think tank and a design forum to respond to rapid, complex changes in global health and development, with focus on innovation and systems thinking.

Policy Guidance

We bridge the gap between research and policy by offering practically applicable and tailored guidance that is informed by years of experience.

Policy Translation

We help extend, specialise and translate the benefits of international public goods to complex settings.

Technical Analysis

We develop and apply state-of-the-art research and analysis techniques to deliver stakeholder-and industry-specific insights that can make a difference.


We connect academia, governments, business, and civil society organisations, providing a platform to share experience and learn from best practices globally.

Sustainable Strategy

We shape corporate and organisational strategy for sustainable impact and social returns.


We implement sustainable, evidence-based policies to support public health and socio-economic systems.


We advocate for policies and actions that are conductive to the advancement of the sustainable health of both the people and the planet.


The UHF team is at the forefront of global health strategy. Our previous work includes health taxes, gender and equity, NCD prevention, sustainability, and health economics.

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Systems Thinking & Planetary Health

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Investment Cases for Sustainable Health and Development

Health Taxes

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